Marshall Multispread MDC wins Best Emerging Technology at Dowerin Field Day

The Marshall Multispread MDC system, co-developed by Roesner Pty Ltd, Proxima Consulting, Softwaring Solutions and Atamo has won the Best Emerging Technology Award at this year’s Dowerin Field Day.

The Marshall Multispread MDC is a new product that utilises Internet of Things (IoT) technology to both calibrate and control the fertiliser application of the Marshall Multispread  spreader in the field. The system consists of an electric actuator fitted to the spreader feed door, loadcells to weigh the hopper contents, electronics module and an app running on a mobile device. A Bluetooth LE network is used to send and received data from the spreader and the mobile app, reducing system complexity and providing an easy to use Variable Rate (VR) technology.

For more details on the MDC system see the Marshall Multispread website.